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    2. 高一英語自我介紹

      時間:2022-09-18 08:13:33 自我介紹 我要投稿





        Hello,everyone. My name is xxx and Im 15-year-old .I am Very pleased to be admitted to the Xicheng Foreign Language School. My favourite subject is Chinese and English. My hobby is blown flute and reading. There is also a very good Orchestra here. The school orchestra and this will allow me to learn a lot of knowledge in this three years. I want to study well. To give our parents and ourselves a satisfactory answer at this holiday. I took part in the training of the orchestra. Participated in the torch relay Task. I will Learn a lot and I hope that I can learn more knowledge at this secondary school.


        My hometown is Guangdong Maoming which lies in the south coast of China. I study in Shiyan High school and I’m in grade campus is very beautiful and there are much charming view.

        I study hard every day and I wish to go abroad for further education.I have some hobbies such as basketball,tennis,swimming and so on.I like making friends with others.


        My name is xxx .I am 16 years old.I graduated from No.1 Middle school in favourate sport is many of the students,I like to watch NBA I'd like to listen to the music during my leasure time.I have always been told by my friends that I am an open and optimistic person who is easy to get along I'm a person with strong will and an independent mind.I am very glad to know all of you and wish to make friends with you.I believe we will have a great time during the following school years k you very much!








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